Instant real-time income verification

Get instant verification of your applicants' income with Open Banking data. You receive the latest & most accurate data in realtime. 

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Unlimited insights

Monthio's algorithms automatically distinguish between types of income, such as monthly salary, student grants and unemployment benefits. Our pinpoint accuracy gives you peace of mind and enables you to make better approval decisions. 

Beyond Open Banking

We provide you with a strong data foundation by using a wide range of financial data together with PSD2 data. This gives you unparalleled precision.

International coverage

Monthio’s income verification product works across most markets in Europe, allowing you to standardise your processes across the countries that you’re active in.


Optimise your customer journey

With digital verification of income, you reduce the chance of your customers dropping out during a loan process. This means an increased conversion rate and, ultimately, an increased number of loans issued.

Avoid manual paperwork

More time for what really matters

Obtaining proof of salary requires both time and energy for your advisers. With instant digital verification of income, you can increase your operational efficiency, so you can spend your time on what really matters: creating the best possible customer experience for your applicants. 

A tailor-made solution for lenders


Buying a home can often be a tiresome process for home buyers. With digital verification of income, you can make it a better, more seamless experience.

Consumer loans and credit card issuing

Verify potential applicants' ability to pay without hassle. This means faster processing time and better user experience.

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