Creditworthiness assessments. Automated.

We make creditworthiness assessments work, and make life easier for both borrower and lender.

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Get the full overview of your customers’ finances

In a few seconds, we transform your customers’ raw data into a user-friendly and easily understandable dashboard that quickly gives you an overview of your customer’s income, expenses, debt and other relevant information.


Forget about old payslips and manually set budgets

Monthio uses data from Open Banking, tax information and public records to analyse your customers' finances in real time.

We make life easier for both you and your customers

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Overview of income and expenses

Gain full insight into your customers’ income, expenses and disposable income using transaction data.

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Market-leading categorisation

Our transaction categorisation is based on close to 100,000 algorithms, rules and other indicators to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

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Built-in compliance

Our product is tailored to current creditworthiness legislation to ensure that your business meets all requirements.

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Seamless user experience

A simple and intuitive user experience simplifies the process for your customers. This, in turn, minimises dropouts and increases your conversion rate.

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Why Monthio?

Monthio gives you time to focus on what’s important to you.
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Fewer resources
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Increased conversion
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Lower dropout rates
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Better data
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Higher compliance
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