Next generation categorisation

Gain full insight into the suitability of your applicants with Monthio's superior categorisation.

We go further than other creditworthiness solutions, freeing you from unnecessary manual work and allowing you to make more accurate decisions in less time.

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Detailed accuracy

We clean and categorise your applicants' data for you, so you don't need to, providing you with the detailed insights you need to optimise the loan approval process while minimising risks.

Digitised processes

Get rid of cumbersome manual paperwork. Digitise your loan approval processes and make better loan approval decisions in less time.

Beyond Open Banking

We go beyond Open Banking and enrich our data from a verety of sources so you get 360 insights into your applicants' financial patterns.

Indispensable tool for loan providers

Best in class

We don't just capture more data than other creditworthiness solutions, we also ensure that the voluminous data is cleaned and categorised so that it is presented in an obvious and logical way.

This gives you unprecedented insight into your applicants' finances, so you can make better credit decisions in less time.

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Digital loan approval

Stronger together

Stand stronger with Monthio's superior tools to assess the financial health of your applicants, by adding real-time income and expense verification to your approval process.

With our wide range of tools for credit providers, you'll be able to digitise your processes and increase efficiency, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements.

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A solution for credit providers

Credit card issuing

Gain more accurate insight into debt-to-income ratio with a better understanding of your applicants' actual income and expenses.

Consumer loans

Mitigate loan default risks with our extensive, accurate and comprehensive categorisation of financial incomings and outgoings.

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